LegionFX Amplius


This board was designed as to be a LegionFX add-on board, to provide extra sensors and servos to a SUGV.

It includes GPS, NRF24L01, LSM303DLHC, UART and I2C headers. Multiple servo and sensor channels are also available in this add-on board.

A onboard LDO regulator for servo power and a selector to use external power to supply the servos.

Since it has a arduino form factor this shield can be used with arduino boards.

Note that this is a header board and the sensors/servos are not provided.




Main Features


  • Arduino form factor
  • GPS header
  • LSM303DLHC header (with status led)
  • I2C header
  • NRF24L01 header
  • 7 servo channels
  • 4 Analog servo channels
  • Servo voltage selector
  • Analog servo voltage selector
Amplius description

Amplius description


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