Hound SUGV Concept

One of our early prototypes was built as a senior university project. It is a small unmanned ground vehicle inspired on U.S. army’s MarcBot.



The requirements were that it would be a low cost remote operated sensor platform that was able to overcome rough terrain and at the same time be small enough to carry.


Mechanical Diagram

More than “just” a camera on wheels it had also to send sensor data back to the operator in a reliable and secure way.

The vehicle should be equipped also with a navigation system such as GPS in order to know the current position and in case of lost communication do is best to come back “home”.



The development time given was 6 months so time was crucial and we had to keep it simple and using mostly off the shelf products.

So we come up with the following specifications:

  • Mechanical arm based on hobby servos
  • RC 4×4 crawler chassis
  • .net microframework compatible board
  • WiFi communications
  • Wireless camera
  • GPS
  • accelerometer
  • Gas sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Laptop base station

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