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LegionFX Amplius


This board was designed as to be a LegionFX add-on board, to provide extra sensors and servos to a SUGV.

It includes GPS, NRF24L01, LSM303DLHC, UART and I2C headers. Multiple servo and sensor channels are also available in this add-on board.

A onboard LDO regulator for servo power and a selector to use external power to supply the servos.

Since it has a arduino form factor this shield can be used with arduino boards.

Note that this is a header board and the sensors/servos are not provided.




Main Features


  • Arduino form factor
  • GPS header
  • LSM303DLHC header (with status led)
  • I2C header
  • NRF24L01 header
  • 7 servo channels
  • 4 Analog servo channels
  • Servo voltage selector
  • Analog servo voltage selector
Amplius description

Amplius description


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LegionFX was designed to be an arduino enabled board with a motor driver and temperature sensor.

This board was meant to facilitate the development of SUGV platforms, since it would cover the basic needs to remotely drive a small vehicle.

The board although is 50mmx50mm contains the form factor of an Arduino board which allows to use common arduino shields

This board is also incorporated in our Hound MKII kit, also available at the store.



Main Features:

  • Atmega328p w/ arduino bootloader
  • DRV8833 motor driver (with jumper configuration and fault led)
  • LM335 Temperature sensor (with jumper selection)
  • Voltage selector (allows to choose different power supplies for board and motor)
  • FTDI header
  • ICSP header
  • NRF24L01+ header
  • arduino form factor (for shield support)
  • 3.3 and 5v LDO regulators
  • 7.2v ~ 18v main board power supply
  • 2.7v ~ 10v motor supply



LegionFX features


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