4P Quadruped Robot Concept

4P is a small quadruped robot designed to teach more complex mobility functions with the use of inverse kinematics and stabilization algorithms.


The concept behind 4P is that it has to be build with the resource of a CNC and some other basic tools and be cheap enough to be used as a disposable platform for teaching and learning.

Based on the original design we arrived at the following specifications:

  • 3mm Acrylic parts
  • 12 mini servos for 3DOF per leg
  • small arduino based board (Legion family)
  • light weight battery (lithium or equivalent)
  • RF communication for debug and basic sensor feedback





  1. Jesus David Nuñez Campo says:

    Have you try to build a model for instance in scilab with the robotics toolkit to test some machine learning targeting to get acquanted with surfaces or other related tasks?

    • Tiago Carita says:

      Thank you, I did not knew about Scilab.
      The 4P is still in early stages, we’re just working on the Basic Mechanics yet so We are focused on materials usage/reduction/design and stress related issues but I will have a look at the software, there a lot of wonderful tools out there.

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